Saturday, September 19, 2020

Street Prepared DIY Air Dam and Front Splitter - Part 4

I am building a front splitter and air dam to comply with the Street Prepared class for SCCA Solo. The last part in this post series - we paint, trim and complete the front splitter and air dam. Let's get to it:

Hanging using wire hangers from the dry cleaners

Here is a look at the front without the part installed, showing the hanging supports - there is space is build the splitter lower to the ground, but then it's more susceptible to cones/road debris.

The drying product is left for 24 hours to dry before handling:

The following day, I installed the part and began determining the best location to create the air inlet:

Using a roll of tape, I traced 2 semi circles and areas to cut away the air dam:

I used the contour of the front bumper and the oil cooler recesses to align the holes

After trimming the air dam, I resealed the curving areas against the splitter with the same sealant as before:

A closer look:

I am trying to use more of the auto body tape to stick the stop sections of the air dam to the front bumper:

Lastly, I cut and crimped 1/8 inch stainless steel wire and used adjustable patio railing supports to hold the front of the splitter:

In conclusion, I wanted to test this out at the sixth event in the 2020 solo season, however I found something sharp on the way to the track and could not attend. I have a fresh tire on the way for the seventh event so that I can test out this upgrade on the track.

Stay tune and keep rotoring!

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