Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Who's building a Bridge and where?

Brian at BDC Motorsports and in the near future; to answer the title's question.

I have been teasing this amongst my close friends and my "Rotard" friends for months now. I contacted Brian when Eric Meyer posted on the forums that he was running a Bridgeported RENESIS and had some very interesting results. I have chosen to use my street ported motor to be rebuilt and bridgeported. The side story about my street ported motor was that it failed because it was built improperly, amongst other issues.

The car will go under the knife over the winter and under go a series of custom and crazy mods for the upcoming 2012 season. More to come in the next months so make sure you follow Franeke for build updates and more.

Edit: Plans changed when a group of acquaintances pointed me to Luis Rivera of Wankel Works, however that did not end well as in fact he was learning how to build a Renesis using my car. Thanks to a great friend, the car races today on reman-engine. 


  1. Cool, can't wait to see the results. Who built your last motor?

  2. JPR Imports in New Jersey. Long story short, I'll be referring people to KDR, BDC, or BHR for anything rotary-related.

  3. Dude ... we are left without any of your awesome updates on the RR group ... brap brap brap .. damn you !!! lol

  4. Cool, I had a 2008 Renny built by Pineapple. The experience was great, now let's see how long it takes me to blow it up.