Thursday, October 13, 2011

Transmission and Differential Fluid Changes

When I changed my transmission and differential fluid around 30,000 miles ago I had the worst time doing. Why?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

SSV Maintenance Revisted

About two years ago I cleaned my SSV before I put my oil catch can in. Recently RE-Zelse was having SSV issues so Stinksauce and myself decided to lend a helping hand.

After removing the battery, draining all of the coolant lines, water pump pulley, thermostat housing, and the SSV...we got started.

Using Intake/CARB cleaner we cleaned the port the SSV sits in and it was encrusted with carbon. This motor has less than 15,000mi on it...imagine how your SSV looks at your current mileage.

After spraying half of the can of cleaner into the SSV port, this was the cleanest I could get it with the tools available.

Now that the port was cleaned to the best of our abilities, time to clean the SSV itself:

However, when the SSV was was still sticking. For some reason the SSV would not move fluidly even though it was cleaned. After trial, error, and plenty of curse words...we turned to White Lithium grease.

**Only coat the portion shown above with white lithium grease**

After using white lithium grease on the SSV as shown above.

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