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2019, 2020 SCCA AutoX GoPro Playlist

Shenandoah Session 2 was on a damp track.

Shenandoah Session 3 was on a dry track.

Shenandoah Session 4 was on a hot track.

Race Exhaust Testing

Street Ported Rx-8 Drive-by Footage

Custom Spintech Exhaust System


  1. Any more current vid's or Dyno pulls with the new clutch? I remember on youtube you said you only made 180 whp with weak clutch and RB Flash.
    My Rx8 is in for a rebuild now with RA Super-seal Kit and is getting street ported. I'm ruining a mid pipe with factory muffler and a simota intake, with a Spec Stage 2 clutch. I was just wondering what I should look at power wise/gain. Also how hard was your car to tune with the Cobb Access port after having a street ported motor? Thanks EXCELLENT BLOG !

    1. Rob,

      First, sorry for the late response, I have not kept up with the blog. There are no current videos of the car as it's current motor was built completely improperly by WankelWorks. I will be building the motor myself in the coming month.

      From your setup, you should be close to breaking the 200 whp mark. Tuning on the Cobb AP is not too difficult if you are familiar with tuning rotaries. I will be tuning my car and I hope to post my experiences and progress in the future.