Thursday, October 13, 2011

Transmission and Differential Fluid Changes

When I changed my transmission and differential fluid around 30,000 miles ago I had the worst time doing. Why? I used those stupid pumps that never seem to work right. So why not let gravity do this work for me, right? Well that's what I did with a funnel and about 4 feet of tubing.

I snaked the hose right to the fill hole on the transmission from here. It was such a simple idea that I didn't even think about it when I put new fluids into the transmission before. Now some people take the shifter off and pour the fluid in. I know me, and I can make a mess any where...that and these fluids smell awful. 

After you crack the drain bolt off the trans and let all of the old fluid out, you will have to replace the crush gaskets with new OE ones. Mine were semi-fused it seemed, best to use a thin flat head and a vice grip to get those buggers off of the bolt.

Now that the drain bolt is back in, take that fill bolt out and place the extended hose into the fill hole and pour SLOWLY.

Now our transmission needs 1.8 qt of fluid, so that extra .2 will be lost in the long hose or as run off as picture below.

Tighten the fill bolt with the new gasket, and its off to the differential.

I had to use a myriad of adapters and extensions to get both of these bolts off. I must warn you, be very careful not to mangle your hand(s) on the frame when breaking the bolts free; trust me, that's another scar from my Blueberry. Now get the drain bolt off and drain the differential fluid

Don't forget the gaskets!

Now put the drain bolt back in and get the fill bolt out. Now use the same hose and place the hose into the driver's side wheelwell. Next route the hose like this so it will stay in place, for the most part.

Then pull the hose through to the differential.

Remember, pour the fluid slowly! Also, the differential needs ~1.6 qts of fluid so extra fluid will trickle out. Then put your fill bolt back in.

One last note: You will see and smell these fluids burning off your transmission and differential. That is to be expected since the fluids did dribble down both the transmission and differential.

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