Friday, September 18, 2020

Street Prepared DIY Air Dam and Front Splitter - Part 3

I am building a front splitter and air dam to comply with the Street Prepared class for SCCA Solo. Next in the series is creating the street prepared air dam, securing it, sealing it, and getting the combined parts painted.

1/16" x 3/4" angled aluminum, marked in 1 inch increments and drilled

Another test fitting and filling in the space between the splitter and the area of the front bumper:

Next is to cut off the excess:

With that, the air dam construction begins using the 1 inch angled mounts:

Using clamps, I drilled out the holes for rivets to hold the air dam to the mounts, but first zip ties were used to mock the air dam before fully committing to the rivets:

After completing a first layer, a second layer of air dam was needed. I used rivets to hold these sections together:

With that, sealing is required as it is not air tight:

I chose a flexible outdoor sealant to seal the air dam to the splitter:

Up close:

A good bead is important
The other side had sealant coming out

Take time to use plastic to protect anything around the area you are painting while you are waiting for the sealant to dry. Now the part is ready for painting:

Next in the series, the part is painted, the air dam is trimmed for an air inlet, and the front cable supports are installed.

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