Thursday, September 17, 2020

Street Prepared DIY Air Dam and Front Splitter - Part 2

To continue the series, I am building a front splitter and air dam to comply with the Street Prepared class for SCCA Solo. We last left off having marked the splitter and outline on 15/32 inch Birch wood - including drilling mounting holes to the OE mount points.

Now we make it durable to road debris and flex stresses:

  • 1/16" Aluminum 6 foot section, cut to size
  • 3M Automotive body tape
  • M8 Flat head phillips bolts
    • Including washers, locking washers
  • Loctite blue (AutoX rattles everything loose, it is known)
Assembled with a row of flat heads and adhesive making the back section much more rigid

Next is creating the mounting brackets. I chose to use the lower point of the crash bar on each side of the front to extend down to the splitter and a empty hole in the body above the front headlamps. Let's start with the crash bar piece:

The next rear mounting point requires a step bit to expand the OE location to fit the hardware, noted as 'A' below:

Below are both mounting points from the driver's side:
Each of these mount points put stress on the board, which is why there is an aluminum strip lining the backside of the splitter.

Here is what it looks like from the front at this stage:

On the next post, the air dam construction begins, it is sealed, and painted.

Keep rotoring.

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