Sunday, June 19, 2011

Transmission Upgrades

I decided to take the plunge and replace my OE Clutch and Mazdaspeed Flywheel with the BHR 9lb Flywheel and Exedy Stage 1 (aka Mazdaspeed Clutch). I also got a new pedal off BHR that was already welded nice and tight before it was installed. Oh yes and a new master clutch cylinder and slave cylinder. The car has over 90,xxx miles and I want to make sure I can keep hitting tracks without any issues (hopefully).

Excuse the pictures, they are kind of blurry:


  1. How do you like the setup ? and is it tolerable to be daily driven?

    1. I really like this setup, it's a great combination.

      IMO, a lightweight flywheel is only annoying when driving through stop and go traffic for long periods of time.

      Also, you may want to inspect your clutch pedal, master, and slave cylinders when replacing your clutch.