Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Motor Rebuild and Street Porting

Last spring my motor was starting to act up. Hot start issues, weird motor vibrations, uneven acceleration, and more. Turns out i was loosing compression. While i started to save up for my rebuild I decided to start premixing  since I was not doing so at that time. I chose the only premix that is fuel filter safe and designed for rotaries: Idemitsu Premix. That premix kept my Blueberry running for about 5 months without loosing any more compression.

This is the damage that was done to my rotor housings after ~79,000 mi...

Yea so it was time to get some new rotor housings and rebuild this motor.

Well since the motor is apart...might as well port it right? Right!

Alright, maybe it was also a good idea to paint the Irons blue as well.

There are marginal power gains with Racing Beat's porting templates, if you wanted an aggressive port job it would have to be custom. Oh and one more thing, make sure you research the shop you are going to send your car to before hand.

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