Monday, June 13, 2011

Racing Beat Exhaust Pieces

Last year I decided to replace my factory header and ExoticSpeed Race Pipe with some Racing Beat hardware. Definitely was a good call. Noticeable increase of mid-range torque.

Racing Beat Dual Resonated (Left)
ExoticSpeed Race Pipe (Right)

Factory Header and ExoticSpeed Race Pipe (Left)
Racing Beat Header and Dual Resonated Mid pipe (Right)

The header install was not all. Here is a link from Racing Beat's site to the install guide.

Here is a edited HD video of this exhaust setup: 

After a year or so using this setup, I have almost burned through all of the packing in the Racing Beat resonators. They are now rattling and loose. I hope to upgrade to BHR's metal resonated mid pipe soon.

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