Monday, February 22, 2021

Custom Center-Exit Exhaust - OE Cat-back Questions Answered

I've gotten some questions asked to me on the RX8Club forums about the combination setup of the OE-Catback and the Center-Exit section.

Let's answer some of those questions:

  • Q: "What is exhaust set up on your car?"
  • Q: "Can you share what you have done to oem muffler to create center exit?"
    • A: Yes! Let's look at some pictures I snapped before this small ice age began...(/s)
Let's use an image from the last details post:
Note the muffler orientation; S1 bumpers are made for this cutout section (IMO)

The factory muffler has a cap at the very end of barrel's center, which forces air through the packing and out the sides to exit the muffler. What I have done is add a valve and a small pipe through the bumper:
These can be vacuum actuated, manually, or electronically

A overall view of the muffler:

Views of the Spintech muffler:
Note the orientation of the inlet/outlet pipes

In order to fit the extra 2.5in exhaust piping, you need to "modify" some of your trunk area...

Initially the exhaust did rub at the rear, so more modifications were needed. Next, I need to spray the metal so it won't rust.

Lastly, how to protect the plastic of the bumper? I've been using header wrap successfully for years now:

I hope this answers questions on construction. Head over to Youtube to hear it!

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