Monday, October 12, 2020

Custom Center-Exit Spintech Exhaust - Details

The finished product:

Now let's look at this closer:

As a recap, I have created a modular exhaust setup using V-band clamps to easily change out parts:
  • Header; OE flange removed for Vibrant V-band clamp
  • Mid-pipe:
    • V-band to replace the OE front flange
    • High flow catalytic converter
    • Single resonated midpipe (Spintech)
  • Cat-back:
    • Mazda OE axel-back pipe into a
    • Spintech Sportsman 3000F
    • Alternatively, I also have a OE muffler which is also modified to use the center exit portion (more on this in a future post)
Below is the compact Sportsman 3000F muffler unit:

The bottle style Spintech resonator:

And a quick look at the front end of the modular midpipe:

Now lets look at the whole system:

Note the muffler is angled up and tucked away correctly to be both the shortest distance and the least metal used for the exhaust system.

Lastly, an up close image of the exit which is wrapped in header wrap and the plastic covered in the gold thermally reflective tape:

I've done a series of multi hour drives and competitions with this exhaust, zero plastic melting or warping. The only damage on my rear bumper was from my own doing 8+ years ago - which is why I had no issue cutting it for this very successful experiment.

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