Monday, August 24, 2020

Sticky brakes & other updates

While running the double layout Philly region AutoX event at the Wellsfraudgo / Wellsfargo center I noticed my car was not freely moving on the grid.

I was able to borrow a jack, stand, and 14mm wrench from a E.S. Miata driver (<3 thank you again) to identify and troubleshoot the issue. As the rain came I found the passenger rear piston not moving and sticking past a certain point.

These rotors and pads are toast, but these have been on since 2012, 🤯, so pretty good run. I ordered the last coated rear caliper from RockAuto, and found decent prices on a pair of StopTech slotted rear rotors and performance pads -- all to be installed before event 6 of the 2020 season.

Other updates: I had Blueberry realigned for max camber on OE parts with a slight outward toe bias. Unfortunately they're printer wasn't working for the print out of the specs. My intentions at event #5 was to push the car hard with the extra grip, however the sticky pad negatively impacted me.

The good news is the stiffness was from the center exit exhaust pipe in my street setup was rubbing on the frame/body; the new exhaust setup has no rub. Without the rear sway bar it allows the rear to step out more controllably - however I now need to update my driving style to be tighter when pushing the car.

The bad news is the race single resonated setup is unbearable on the highway going over 65... So it's good I still have my RacingBeat dual resonated pipe...more to come on that later.

Until next time, happy rotoring!

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