Friday, August 16, 2019

Evolution: From Track Day to AutoX Setup

Over the years I've acquired and installed several parts that stiffened the suspension, chassis of the car in the pursuit of traction and higher cornering speed...

After a series of autocross events, I've come to the understanding that a majority of those parts are contributing to the lack of traction and stability in slaloms at higher RPMs. This now means all of the rear GTSPEC bracing must be uninstalled and going back to the factory sway bars.

As a comparison a street class RX-8 was running 2 seconds faster than I was in the Tire Street Prepared class. While the driver of that RX8 has 4 years of AutoX experience, my car is understeering and jumping across the uneven tarmac & concrete -- making it harder to 'trust' the car when pushing it. Therefore I will soften the chassis and suspension to restore the car's flexibility as the weight is transitioned from side to side.

Lastly, while I have tinkered with the exhaust system, more time will be spent in getting a predictable response from the front and rear of the car on these SCCA AutoX courses. Therefore, upgrading the coil overs and differential are better then power modifications [including an engine rebuild]. 

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