Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Blueberry has been restored, with quirks intact

It was not just a power unit that was installed, Blueberry has effectively been restored from it's former sabotage.

The combination of pulling parts from a donor car and a fine touch has yielded:

  • Fresh rubber hoses
  • Fresh clamps
  • Stealth'd heater pipe (Over the UIM)
  • Rejiggering of my grounding kit's wires
  • Re-loomed wiring harness
  • Alternative vacuum hose route
Gallery down, meow:

Fine Touches

Now, she still has some quirks. The spare ignition coil pack currently installed is misfiring the front rotor's trailing plug; this should be resolved by installing my normal coil pack. The aftermarket tubular header is causing a fitment issue joining the mid-pipe; the exhaust is very tight. Game plan is to lob off the flanges, get a flex pipe, and use v-band clamps. And finally, after driving the car it is clear that my differential is certainly damaged. The faulty installation of my power plant frame is the likely culprit, however need not worry -- I have a working spare from the donor car.

This month I'll be sorting out these quirks and I hope to have some more updates soon. Stay tuned!

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