Saturday, April 13, 2013

Get The Most From Your Oil Change

While offering assistance to change the oil in my friend's RX-8, we noticed a simple way to drain the oil out of the oil coolers during an oil change. Instead of lowering each side of the car to help drain additional oil, we used a 7/8 in. wrench and remove each oil cooler thermostat.

Oil Cooler Thermostat
Draining the oil directly from the cooler
The oil cooler thermostats serve the same function as your cooling thermostat. Oil is sent through the oil coolers only when it reaches a certain temperature - just like coolant through your radiator. This allows your oil temperature to be controlled, just like your coolant temperature.
The oil drained from the cooler
Oil Cooler Thermostat
By draining the additional oil from the oil coolers, one can obtain a more thorough oil change. A full 5.1 qt container of new oil left the car with it's dipstick right in the middle after a few engine cycles. Give a try next oil change.

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